pre school

Jungle Kids Academy offers quality child care in a unique classroom setting with small child/staff ratios.  Your child will receive the individual care, guidance, and the solid  educational foundation they deserve in this new and enriching approach to childcare. Our theme based curriculum meets the needs of each child on their individual level.  Our curriculum focuses on art, music, math, writing, phonics, sign language, and Spanish.  Learning centers are set up to offer guided experiences that will allow children to develop in all areas – intellectually, socially and emotionally.  Self-confidence will be built through activities that will challenge, but not overwhelm your child.

Your child’s caregiver knows that warm, nurturing interactions with your child is essential to healthy self-esteem and gaining the confidence to try new things. The door is always open for parents to discuss their child’s day. The staff will gladly share the great activities they enjoyed and will always be available to talk with you about your child’s experience at Jungle Kids Academy.

As your child becomes involved in the daily routines, the environment and the structure provided will empower your child to become more independent.  The guidance and understanding  your child will receive at Jungle Kids Academy will give them the opportunity to explore their world, learn and grow in a safe and controlled environment.

Our Preschool Program at Jungle Kids Academy is designed to promote learning in 6 developmental areas:

Social Development

  • Getting along in group
  • Learning responsible behavior (such as sharing)
  • Respecting ethnic/cultural differences
  • Expressing feelings appropriately

Cognitive Development

  • Providing experiences with math and science
  • Promoting children’s curiosity about the world by encouraging observation, exploration and experimentation
  • Building reading and writing skills
  • Fostering imagination and creativity

Language Skills

  • Listening, speaking, following directions
  • Children learning numbers, relational concepts and classification skills leading to problem solving

Physical Development

  • Developing large and small muscle skills
  • Increasing body awareness
  • Improving eye-hand coordination and perceptual skills
  • Exploring rhythm and movement

Emotional Development

  • Promoting positive self image
  • Fostering cooperation
  • Developing independence, initiative and trust
  • Experiencing art, music, drama and dance


  • We provide an environment where discipline occurs naturally through a combination of nurturing support, encouragement and limit setting.